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What To Look Out For In The Best Esports Agency

The players of eSports are just as much of an icon as that of a professional athlete, which means that the opportunities for endorsements, contract litigation, and overall business handlings are that much higher. Players are dialed into what they do best, which is the sport, and being distracted and bogged down by the specifics of legal work and contractional inclusions can greatly get in the way of that. 

Let the players focus on what they do best.
To avoid such a distraction, representation is necessary for players looking to take their career into the professional leagues, so that they can focus on what they do best, and their representation can propel their playing field from small time all the way to the major leagues. 

Below are a few details on what to look for to find the best esports agency for you and your career. 

Who they are and what they do for players.
A misunderstood aspect of eSports is that the players are not in need of representation. This mindset comes from the belief that what the players do in the realm of eSports is not on par with what players do in professional physical sports. 

eSports Players need representation too.
While placing them side by side, the professional athlete that plays on fields in huge arenas may appear to have a different situation than that of an eSports player, but this difference does not in any way translate that the eSports player is not to be treated the same, especially when it comes to contracts and sponsorship.

No precedents means there is room to roam.
The good and bad news about eSports representation and contract creation is that there are no set standards and precedents when it comes to proceedings. What that can mean for players and agents is that there is an endless amount of elbow room to move around within the contract, which can lead to that many more opportunities for the player to have included in the created arrangements.

Proven experience is key.
When looking for an agent or agency for player representation, you want someone who genuinely knows their stuff. The more an agent knows and the better seasoned they are, the higher the chance that the representee will have their career be taken to the top with plenty of successful opportunities offered to them along the way. 

How long have they been in the game?
Although eSports agencies are a newer game, it doesn’t mean that the agents have to be new too. Look for experience in contract litigation in your selected representation, and don’t be afraid to keep looking if you are unsure if they really have what it takes to assist you in your business handlings.

What can your agent really get done for you as a player?
An eSports agent can be a Swiss Army knife when it comes to taking care of a professional eSports player. The role of an agent is to make sure their clients business handlings are completely taken care of with the clients best interest in mind, and that can entail sponsorship deal collecting and other marketing arrangements, payment security and potential pay increases, as well as placing the client in proximity with other powers that can even further advance their career. 

Look for proof of agency success.
If an agent has shown a track record of genuinely launching and spreading awareness of their clients in the past, then chances are this agent will do the same for you. Securing an eSports agent is the way to go for those looking to take their careers to the next level and beyond.

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